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Investments are another way that the wealthy wield extra influence. While the divestment movement has focused on getting universities and pension funds to pull their fossil-fuel investments, Nielsen said, there’s less momentum around getting individuals to do so. A bit more than half of all Americans hold stocks , mostly in their retirement accounts. And so getting Bezos and other billionaires to drop their oil and gas investments, in combination with less obscenely wealthy people, “could matter a lot, and send a signal” to everybody else, Nielsen said. The study also observes that people of higher socioeconomic status tend to shape perceptions of “the good life” — namely, what kind of lifestyle choices they aspire to, whether that’s eating less meat (remember the all-vegan Golden Globes ?) or buying a Tesla. It considered two other ways that relatively wealthy people’s connections could help them tackle climate change. They are more likely to be leaders within organizations, sitting on a board for a nonprofit, for example, which gives them more of a say in the policies and initiatives that get pursued. They also tend to have more access to politicians or corporate executives than your average person. All of these factors, Nielsen says, show that the rich have “a lot of responsibility” to address climate change. Billionaires have recently been funding high-profile initiatives to do just that. Bezos pledged to give $10 billion to activists, scientists, and nonprofits last year; Bill Gates has put $2 billion toward technological innovation; and Elon Musk announced this year that he was backing a carbon removal technology contest by donating $100 million for the prize.  This kind of philanthropy could be considered an effort to usher in dramatic change, filling in where governments have lagged , or as an attempt to compensate for past wrongs , burnishing a tech lord’s reputation. It could also be viewed as an attempt to shape the course of events. Philanthropists tend to approach solving challenges in ways that “never threaten winners,” as Anand Giridharadas argues in his book Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World. The rich, in other words, can use their influence in the same way that powerful people always have done, as a tool to protect the status quo. Of course, the changing climate is coming for the rich, too. They simply have more resources to rebuild after a disaster (or to build hideaways in New Zealand ). But as fires sweep from trailer parks to California estates and rising seas inundate oceanside mansions , it may be enough to give some wealthy people pause. Grist is the only nonprofit newsroom focused on exploring solutions at the intersection of climate and justice. Our team of journalists remains dedicated to telling stories of climate, justice, and solutions. We aim to inspire more people to talk about climate change and to believe that meaningful change is not only possible but happening right now. Our in-depth approach to solutions-based journalism takes time and proactive planning, which is why Grist depends on reader support.

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Motorists have been click here now cited for wrecking into four Miamisburg police cruisers parked at highway traffic stops in the past 15 months, adding to a rising number of law enforcement hit along Ohio road sides. The latest crash happened last week, a few months after a campaign to educate drivers on Ohio’s Move Over law, which aims to protect road-side vehicles and their occupants. From 2016-2020, 56 move over-related crashes involved Ohio State Highway Patrol cars, resulting in one death of a civilian and 52 injuries to officers and civilians, records show. Fifteen such crashes occurred last year, the highest total in a five-year period, according to the state. Passing drivers have been cited in wrecks with four Miamisburg police cruisers at highway traffic stops in 15 months, adding to a rising number of law enforcement hit along roadsides. CONTRIBUTED “The officers have to keep their heads on a swivel all of the time,” said state Rep. Phil Plummer, R-Butler Twp., and a former Montgomery County sheriff. “Unfortunately, in today’s world they have to worry about who they’re encountering…who they are pulling over. “And then also you’re looking at traffic flying by you,” he added. “So your head’s on a constant swivel. Making sure everybody on that scene is safe.” From 2016-20, Warren was sixth among Ohio counties in total move over citations issued with 939, followed locally by Clark (576), Montgomery (498) and Greene (455). The top five counties were Franklin (2,020) and four from Northern Ohio all with at least 1,000, state records show. Passing drivers have been cited in wrecks with four Miamisburg police cruisers at highway traffic stops in 15 months, adding to a rising number of law enforcement hit along roadsides. CONTRIBUTED In those five years, 25,182 citations have been issued statewide, OSHP documents state. During a five-span starting a on front page year earlier, they more than tripled, including a 30% jump from 2018 to 2019. No numbers were available on local police vehicles hit, the OSHP said. But a February wreck during an Interstate 75 traffic stop resulted in a state trooper’s cruiser being struck, as well as four police vehicles from Miamisburg and Miami Twp., authorities said. In all wrecks involving Miamisburg cruisers, the vehicles were well lit, parked off the road and no officers were seriously injured, said Police Chief John Sedlak said.

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Home / New England Biz Law Update / OSHA issues updated COVID-19 safety guidance OSHA issues updated COVID-19 safety guidance By: Mass. Lawyers Weekly Staff September 7, 2021 The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued an updated version of its  COVID-19 guidance documents for employers in all industries. The latest announcement offers the agency’s strongest statement to date on paid time off for vaccination. OSHA says it “strongly encourages” employers to give workers paid time off to get vaccinated and recover from any side effects. In its guidance, OSHA emphasized again that vaccination is the best way to protect employees from COVID-19. The agency also continues to focus on protecting immunocompromised workers, regardless of their vaccination status, and unvaccinated workers. The guidance states that employers should consider working with local public health authorities to provide vaccinations for unvaccinated workers. OSHA also says that employers should consider creating policies that either require workers to get vaccinated or to undergo regular COVID-19 testing, in addition to mask wearing and physical distancing. The guidance states that fully vaccinated individuals who work in areas of  substantial or high community transmission  should wear masks.

Investors in semiconductor stocks are concerned that chip shortages could result in double ordering and eventually an oversupply. But many analysts think chipmakers have learned from past semiconductor cycles and are smarter about supply dynamics now. "Inventory levels remain lean and double ordering remains a concern, though we suspect there is very little double fulfillment," Evercore ISI analyst C.J. Muse said in a recent report. "Eventually lead times will begin to shrink and this will remain a worry for investors." He named Analog Devices ( ADI ), Marvell Technology ( MRVL ) and Nvidia among his "top picks" in semiconductor stocks. Rosenblatt Securities analyst Hans Mosesmann believes the semiconductor industry is experiencing "the Mother of All Cycles." The current uptrend in the chip cycle could be stretching beyond the usual period of six quarters, he said.